Gel French Polish Change (Toes)
30 minutes
UV Gel is great as a coating over good nails at an active length. UV Gel is more forgiving than acrylic and a good alternative form of nail enhancement for those allergic to acrylic or chemical-sensitive. UV Gel is recommended for those with good nails that need a little strengthening or for polish longevity. UV Gel is crystal shiny and clear like your natural nails.

UV Gel are nail polishes that use ultraviolet light to cure the product. Some people advertise nail gel as non-acrylic, which is technically incorrect, but these products do not have the bad smell that traditional acrylic nails do. Once UV Gel is applied and cured to your natural nails, the hardened gel can be designed just as your natural nails would be. UV Gel is used more often than nail varnish because it lasts a lot longer and it is great for applying over false nail tips to secure them in place.

Below are the steps for UV Gel Polish process from our service:

Step 1: Use nail polish remover and a cotton pad to clean your old nail polish.

Step 2: Use an orange wood stick or a metal cuticle pusher to push cuticles back. This stops the UV gel from lifting near your cuticles.

Step 3: Use nail dehydrator, smooth a thin layer of liquid over natural nail plate. It should only take a few seconds to dry.

Step 4: Apply false nail tips.

Step 5: Apply UV gel primer. Smooth a thin layer over your natural nails. The primer will help the rest of the manicure adhere to your natural nails. Hold under UV lamp for 2 minutes.

Step 6: Apply UV builder gel. Place the gel in the middle of your nails and gently spread upwards to the end of the tips. When spreading downwards, get it as close to your cuticle area as possible without touching any skin.

Step 7: Use the cotton bud to remove any gels off the skin before placing your hands under the UV lamp.

Step 8: Again hold under the lamp for 2 minutes and triple for a 9 watt UV lamp.

Step 9: Apply UV gel top coat to your nails and let them dry, then finish process.

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